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Research Data Centre


The Research Data Centre of the Collaborative Research Centre 882 "From Heterogeneities to Inequalities" FDZ-SFB 882 at Bielefeld University provides researchers access to the data generated in the CRC 882. The FDZ-SFB 882 has been accredited by the German Data Forum (RatSWD) and operates in alignment with the Council's criteria. It provides access to both qualitative and quantitative data from the field of inequality research. The FDZ-SFB 882 supports external researchers who are reusing the data, as well as gives advice on data documentation, data registration, and anonymization procedures to the researchers of the CRC to ensure high data quality.

The datasets include, for example, a panel on youth crime, different series of interviews on ethnicity, paternal life and recalls of employees, as well as other panels, interview data and experimental data. Detailed information can be found here.

These data are currently used by the subprojects. Factually anonymous datasets will be provided upon completion of those analyses. Experimental data sets are expected to be available as scientific use files by the end of 2015. Other datasets are in preparation. In the further course of the Collaborative Research Centre the database will be expanded with the data of future projects.

External reseracher can make an application for the scientific use of CRC 882 research data. Due to data protection, signing a data use agreement is required prior to obtaining the data. The data can be accessed via scientific use files or via on-site use.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Liebig