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Integrated Research Training Group of SFB 882 (SFB-GK)

This Integrated Research Training Group (Graduiertenkolleg - GK) is meant for the support of junior scientists in the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 882. It aims at communicating subject-related skills, work techniques and key qualifications in a structured way, thus supporting an active networking of doctoral candidates in the context of universities both at the national and the international level. The SFB-GK is supposed to guarantee a level of training which meets the demands of the SFB´s projects, as far as this is not covered by already existing offers. Among this there counts an international orientation of the programme, seminars on theoretical aspects in the context of heterogeneities and social inequalities, colloquia on SFB-specific topics as well as workshops on knowledge of advanced methods. The selection procedure is meant to identify the most suitable applicants from the international academic scene.The selection procedure is oriented at concrete performance criteria. Tutoring by a committee is a matter of course. The dissertation phase is organized by clearly stated rights and duties of tutors and candidates. Additionally, particularly qualified BA and MA students from outside our university—most of all students from foreign countries—are introduced to working in the context of this SFB.

Heads of SFB-GK:

  • Prof. Dr. Herbert Dawid
  • Prof. Dr. Jost Reinecke

Coordinator of SFB-GK:

  • Dr. Carl Peter Kleidat