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Study Programme


Goals of the study programme


The Integrated Research Training Group of the SFB 882 (SFB-GK) is meant to communicate subject-related skills, work techniques and key qualifications, knowledge of national and international scientific work, thus supporting the active networking of doctoral candidates in the context of universities both at the national and the international level. Together with public relations measures, we also strive for networking with other actors from outside academia – i. e. potential future employers. Further qualification measures by SFB-GK will complete the knowledge the candidates acquire by their participation in sub-projects and joint events of the SFB (such as being trained in presentation techniques, the didactic presentation of complex empirical results). The study programme is supposed to particularly equip doctoral researches with the following skills and supports:

  • imparting current and extended knowledge of heterogeneities and inequalities
  • insemination of advanced quantitative and qualitative analysis methods
  • preparing, planning, carrying out and presenting one´s own research project while topically connecting it to research of the respective sub-project of the SFB
  • publication in peer reviewed journals and developing a publication strategy
  • imparting work techniques, key qualifications and knowledge of the international scientific community.
  • giving talks at national and international congresses
  • becoming included into national and international research networks
  • exchange with international visiting scholars and with foreign doctoral candidates
  • support of participation in further education events (spring-summer-autumn-schools, SSAS) as well as co-organizing them in the context of the SFB
  • support of research stays in foreign countries
  • participating in events with political and social actors on SFB-related topics
  • compatibility of family and career


Course and modules of the study programme


The study programme of the Integrated Research Training Group covers four years of studying. It offers several mutually completing and enhancing components:

  • specific SFB-related seminars in the field of “Heterogeneities and Inequalities” and, furthermore, spring-summer-autumn-schools (SSAS)
  • running programmes and requirements for doctoral training at the individual faculties
  • self-initiated activities of doctoral candidates, which are supported and encouraged by the SFB, e. g. congresses of junior scientists, (co-)teaching and workshops
  • a number of facultative programmes and events, particularly in the field of professional qualification

The study programme consists of three modules:

  • “Subject-related qualifications and dissertation project”, (Module 1)
  • “Networking” (Module 2) as well as
  • “Work techniques and key qualifications” (Module 3).

In the course of the study programme, the candidates will participate at least once in the following classes and colloquia of Module 1: SFB Seminar “From Heterogeneities to Inequalities” or, instead, one seminar on theoretical aspects, SFB colloquium, SFB-project-area-colloquium, seminar on methods and SSAS (spring-summer-autumn-school). These courses are compulsory while attending research classes is facultative. Modules 2 and 3 offer further optional courses and events.

Participants will receive a certificate on having succesfully completed the study programme.