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Project Area A

From Heterogeneities to Inequalities in the Life Course of Individuals

  • Project A1

    Social Closure and Hierarchization: Contextual Conditions of Unequal Developmental Opportunities in Early Phases of Life

  • Project A2

    The Emergence and Development of Deviant and Delinquent Behavior over the Life Course and its Significance for Processes of Social Inequality

  • Project A3

    Gender-Specific Patterns of Opportunity in Employment

  • Project A4

    The Heterogeneity of Skills, Technological Change, and Changing Perspectives on the Labor Market

  • Project A5

    The Welfare State and Education: An International Comparison of Educational Poverty

  • Project A6

    The Legitimation of Inequalities Structural Conditions of Justice Attitudes over the Life-span

Project Area B

From Heterogeneities to Inequalities in the Context of Organizations

  • Project B1

    Ethnic Heterogeneity and the Production of Inequality in Educational Organizations from Early Childhood Onward

  • Project B2

    Ethnicity at University: Processes of Ethnic Demarcation and Relations of Inequality Over the Course of Studies

  • Project B3

    Interactions Between Capabilities in Work and Private Life: A Study of Employees in Different Work Organizations

  • Project B4

    Companies and Inequality: The Synchronic and Diachronic Inequality Effects of Temporary Layoffs (Recalls)

  • Project B5

    Organizations and Life Conduct of Fathers

Project Area C

From Heterogeneities to Inequalities beyond the Nation State

  • Project C1

    Transnationality and Inequality: The Pilot Project for the Panel Study

  • Project C3

    Transnationality, the Distribution of Informal Social Security and Inequalities

  • Project C4

    The Social Construction of Heterogeneity Criteria

  • Project C5

    Conceptions of Global Inequality in World Society

Central Projects


    Project INF

    Information and Data Infrastructure


    Project SFB-GK

    Integrated Research Training Group (RTG): Heterogeneity and Social Inequalities